Gain an understanding of the tools required to retrieve video and image evidence.

Introduction to Video and Image Forensics  

Catalog Description

This course will introduce participants to the concepts of video and image forensics as it relates to the larger field of digital forensics and the justice system. Video and Image evidence is a growing concern during an investigation as more and more of our lives are captured in some form. From CCTV security cameras in public places to cell phone cameras, our everyday activities are constantly being recorded. This evidence, when properly collected and analyzed, can be crucial in solving crimes and equally crucial in exonerating the innocent.

The course will cover how to properly identify, collect, and handle digital video and image evidence in a way that maintains evidence integrity and is consistent with best practices in the field. Industry-standard tools and workflows will be utilized to process this specialized evidence in a forensically sound manner to find and highlight details in the video and images that are not readily visible. Participants will be exposed to a wide variety of evidence and tools, mimicking real-world situations in practical hands-on exercises, and will produce court-ready demonstratives and reports showing the results of their analysis.


  • Different types of image and video formats
  • Technique in handling and managing digital images and video
  • Extracting digital image and video evidence from a variety of devices
  • Compression and compression artifacts
  • DVR system handling, analysis, and data extraction
  • Frame extraction and analysis
  • Video and Image enhancement techniques
  • Forensic workflow considerations including creating courtroom demonstratives
  • Metadata analysis and authentication